People love to buy, but being great at sales doesn’t mean acting like a sleaze.  Sales and Marketing should be a joyful experience from both sides!

My work is dedicated to helping people release their limits and unleash their unique gifts on the world.

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The Loving Sales Process


We all know ‘that guy’.  The one who walks into a party, starts shaking hands, and within seconds is passing out his business cards and pitching what he does.  This makes your prospect feel uncomfortable.  Like they’re just a target or a number.  Make them know that their needs are the only thing that matters by inviting them into an appointment.


We all know that people buy from people they like.  Small talk is a great way to ease into the sales conversation.


Your client knows that you want to sell them something and it’s uncomfortable for them to wait for the shoe to drop.  Walk them through what the appointment will look like and when you’ll transition into the sales conversation.  And put them at ease by letting them know that they don’t have to buy.


This needs to be all about them.  Ask open-ended questions.  Learn about their goals.  Your prospect should be doing 80% of the talking — so zip up and listen!


Repeat your prospect’s goals back to them and ask them if there’s anything else you’ve missed.  This reaffirms that it’s all about them and makes them confident that you’re listening to their needs.


Up to this point, you haven’t mentioned yourself or your product once!  After learning so much about your prospect, they’ll naturally be curious about you, so we’re going to give them 2-3 sentences about what you do and who you help before swinging the spotlight back the other way.


You may be chomping at the bit right now to talk about what you have to offer, but it’s not about you!  Ask if they’d like to learn more before jumping into your sales pitch.  When it’s their decision to move forward they won’t build a wall or feel uncomfortable during your presentation.


How you present your products is far more important than price, features, or how you beat out the competition.  Your customers only truly care about themselves and whether this will help them.  Let them know how your product solves their need.  Nothing more, nothing less.


Now your client is anxious.  This sounds amazing . . . but how much does it cost?  How do they get started?  This is where you outline 2-3 package choices for your clients — never fewer than 2 and never more than 3.  Let them know the investment and ask them for the sale.   You’d be surprised how many people don’t ask!


Notice this doesn’t say “handle objections”.  A loving sales process is all about preparing for objections so that they don’t arise . At this point the product will suit their need, or they’ll want to step down to an option that better suits their budget.  Help them come to the decision that’s best for them.


Just because you’ve collected their credit card doesn’t mean your job is complete!  Aftercare is important to your client’s satisfaction — and to the future of your business.  It’s a lot easier to sell another product to a current customer than it is to find someone new altogether.  Create a system for followup by booking the next appointment before you leave the first.  Show them how to get the most of their new product and talk about upgrades that they may now be ready (and excited!) for.

Prospecting Made Easy Workshop

This isn’t your average workshop!  During our 90-minutes together, you’ll discover:

– Where to find people who might be interested in your business

– We will create the exact scripts you’ll need to book appointments with your prospects

– And we will customize everything to your business!

I run this workshop once a month and it’s totally free!  

Sign up for the next one here:

Heather Prestanski is founder of Homefront Marketing and a Traffic and Conversions Expert. Before committing herself full-time to entrepreneurship, Heather worked as a CMO at a multi-national clothing brand and led the top sales team for Canada’s largest digital marketing agency (serving clients like Walmart Canada, 3M, and Allstate). After achieving the entrepreneurial dream of having Homefront bought out, Heather spends her time working solely one-on-one and in small groups with clients who want to find more prospects, drive more traffic, and close more sales.

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