You are now free to live life without limits…

Most people only dream of making their vision boards come to life.

They spend their days reading books, taking courses, and watching webinars hoping to find the answer the will bring them success.

But year after year, coach after coach, training after training, they still haven’t created the life they crave.  So they invest in another course.  Read another book.  Take another webinar.

The problem is, these people are learning and applying other people’s answers.  They aren’t seeking out their own path.  They’re trying to inject their own purpose into someone’s else’s plan.

And that, my friend, is just not the way to live a limitless life.

Hi, I’m Heather.

After suffering from PTSD as a result of workplace bullying my confidence had been shattered and my life was in shambles.  I once didn’t leave my home for 16 days straight because I couldn’t handle reality.  My anxiety was at an all-time high.  I felt like everyone was judging me.  I wasn’t where I was always told I “should” be.

I became an expert in happiness and joyful living out of necessity.  After years of unsuccessful (and expensive) therapy I still found myself feeling worthless.  I felt that the world was out to judge me and had an expectation that I should be further along than I already was (funny, I know, coming from someone who followed a path of scholastic excellence leading to corporate domination as an eventual CMO and who had two successful entrepreneurship ventures under her belt by the age of 30).

This is completely normal in the world we live in.  As a success-driven individual you’ve probably felt as if your achievements don’t quite add up at some point in your life.  Anxiety and sadness are running wild in a world where people only show their best on social media.  Comparison is a tough pill to avoid and it worms it’s way into your self conscious plaguing you with the feeling that you aren’t successful enough, smart enough, skilled enough, or far enough ahead.

As a coach it’s my job to give you the tools that will enable you to move past your anxiety and feelings of inferiority.  Unlike therapy, coaching focuses on the future – not the past.  Coaching is a great coupling to therapy or can be used on it’s own to develop the skills to achieve happiness and success now and into the future.  We will build a tool kit that will allow you to make massive leaps forward and discover the tools that work for you as an individual so that you can continue your success after our coaching together ends.


When you work with me or Team Prestanski coaches, you’ll quickly realize that following someone else’s path to success will get you a whole ‘lotta nowhere.

We work with you through our 5-step Limitless Life Breakthrough system where we will support you in:


  1. Clarifying your vision and the direction for what you want to achieve in all aspects of your life (Money, Business, Relationships, Fun,).
  2. Strategizing your actions.  For each step we walk through “If you want to achieve this massive result, how are YOU going to make that happen?”.
  3. Upgrading your skills.
  4. Optimizing your environment.  In order to thrive, your environment must be in support of your goals.
  5. Master your psychology.  Success is 80% psychology and only 20% action.   We help you to release your fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, and insecurities to help you create confidence and new, empowering beliefs.

Deep down you already know what you want.

You already understand your purpose.

You want freedom from your own thoughts.  You want the opportunity to spread your purpose on a massive scale and create a limitless life full of abundance.  You want the opportunity to live up to your full potential.

Now I’m going to teach you how to get it.



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Free Training Series for Coaches Will Help You FILL Your 1:1 Coaching

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