There are many reasons why humans become plagued by sadness and anxiety.  Maybe you feel your worth is tied to your achievements – your talents, intelligence, status, looks or income.  Possibly your sadness comes from crutching on love or feeling like you should always be strong.  Maybe you live with anxiety that others are judging you, or that if you worry enough everything will turn out OK.

There are many common reasons you may be dealing with sadness but the good news is that your situation is not unique!  As we grow older it’s normal to feel more stressed and carry more overwhelm leading to a greater spotlight on our thought distortions that tap into our feeling receptors.  With a little skill and a lot of practice, you can create your unique happiness toolbox which will give you the ability to feel happy each and every day.  While it’s unreasonable to think you can be happy all day every day, feeling joy every single day of your life is very achievable – even if it feels like forever since a smile has crossed your face.

Through coaching we will work on building the tools that are right and unique to you.  Once we discover the tools that work you will be able to pull them out any time and correct your track back to happiness and fulfillment.

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Free Training Series for Coaches Will Help You FILL Your 1:1 Coaching

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